The Mechanical Engineering Department offers opportunity of research work in the following areas.

1. Energy Engineering
(a) Energy conservation
(b) Study and evaluation of Non-conventional energy sources.
(c) Passive comfort conditioning.
2. Internal Combustion Engine
(a) Alternate fuels
(b) Pollution control
(c) Combustion in I.C. Engine.
3. Computational Fluid Dynamics
(a) Turbulence Modeling
(b) Heat Transfer enhancement using vortex generator.
4. Refrigeration and Air Conditioning
(a) Environment friendly refrigerant.
(b) Design of Air conditioning system.
5. Tribology
6. Entrepreneurship
(a) Technical Entrepreneurship
(b) Engineering Education & Entrepreneurship Development.
7. Technology Management
(a) Technology development
(b) Technology Transfer
8. Manufacturing Management
(a) Productivity Management, Production Planning & Scheduling, Operations and quality Management, Reliability & Maintenance systems. Machine vision, Robert Design Methodology, Decision support systems, supply chain Management.
9. Advanced Manufacturing Technology
(a) Non-conventional Machining
(b) Advanced welding process monitoring.
Geometric Modeling, Design Automation, Reverse Engineering, Rapid Prototyping, FEM Applications, Soft computing applications.

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