Scholarships Stipends and Financial Assistance received from other Agencies

Scholarships for M.Tech students Scholarships for Ph.D Fees and Expenses

Merit-cum-means and other Scholarship:

26 Merit Scholarship and 52 Merit-cum-Means Scholarshops are awarded by the Institute (as per conditions laid down) for each year of B.Tech Degree courses. In addition to these, National Scholarships and many other stipends are awarded by various Government institutions and other agencies as per details given in the chart.
Any student receiving Merit Scholarship of Merit-cum-means Scholarship or stipend will not be permitted to receive any other scholarship/stipend. In case he/she is in receipt of any other Scholarship or Stipend it must be surrendered and amounts received refunded before a Merit Scholarship or Merit-cum-Means Scholarship can be claimed. Loans or a single cash Prize however will not deabr a student from eligibilty, for the Merit Scholarship or Merit-cum-means Scholarship.

A Scholarship which falls vacant due to any reason will be awarded to the next eligible canidate in order of merit. Subject to availability, a small number of Merit-cum-means Scholarship may be awarded to students in higher classes also on the aggregate of two semester examination in the previous year provided the students have secured 60% or more marks in one attempt in each of the two attempt in each of the two semester examinations in the previous year and they fulfil the eligibilty conditions for merit-cum-means Scholarship.


Sr. No./ Number Name of Scholarship Period Value
1. 26 Merit Scholarship 1 year Rs. 1001/- per year
2. 52 Merit-cum Means Scholarship 4 years Rs. 300/- per month
3. - National Scholarship
Rs. 300/- per month
4. - National Scholarship for children of School Teachers
Rs. 125/- per month
5. - Post matric SC/T Scholarship
Rs. 425/- per month
6. - P and T Scholarship
Rs. 50/- per month
7. - Principal DM Sen - Scholarship
4 years
Rs. 250/- per month


Sr. No.

Name of Sanctioning Authority



National Council of Educational Research & Training, Delhi



Engineers India Limited, New Delhi



SJ Jindal Trust, New Delhi



IAF Benevolent Association, New Delhi



Directorate of Education, Delhi

400/-p.m.(hostel charges)


MD, Central Ware Housing Co-operative, New Delhi



Bharati Scholarship (Telecom)

Reimbursement of cost,
tuition fee, boarding and lodging etc.,

Scholarships for M.Tech. Students
A scholarships of the value of Rs. 2500/- p.m. per student will be awarded to all the eligible students pursuing a regular course of study of M.Tech. Only those candidates who have qualified the GATE will be eligible for the award of the scholarships.

Terms and Conditions
It will be obligatory for every post-graduate student to undertake 8 to 10 hours (per week) of work related to teaching and research activities as assigned to him/her by the institute. This could include tutorials, laboratory classes, development activities under-taken by faculty members, maintenance and operation of computers and other central facilities assistance in library, etc.
The student must secure a first class or equivalent in the first semester and the second semester examinations to become eligible for continuance of scholarship at the enhanced rate during the second semester and the third semester respectively.
In order to be eligible to receive this scholarship, a student shall be requibrown to give an undertaking to the effect that he/ she would not leave the course midway to appear in any competitive examination etc., not related to engineering and technology. During the course of studies the student shall not receive any emoluments, salary, stipend etc. from any other source.
The students shall be entitled for leave for a maximum period of 30 days per year in addition to general holidays but he/ she will not be entitled to vacations, e.g. summer, winter, Pooja, etc.
The Government of India may impose any other conditions as deemed necessary from time to time.

Bases of Award
Order to merit on the basis of which the students are admitted.

From the date a student starts attending classes after admission has been obtained and fees paid up to and including the month in which the written and practical examination and subject to a ceiling of 18 months.

Scholarship for Ph.D. Students
It has been decided to allow scholarships for research programmes at Rs. 2500/- per student per month to two or three Ph.D. students from each department of the College.

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